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Walter in Tinos am Hafen

Von Georg Pütz hier ein paar gesammelte Stimmen zu und über Walter Lott:

Aus der Biografie „Mickey Rourke" | Film Stars | Autor: Keri Walsh | Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017 | ISBN: 1844579255, 9781844579259:

Rourke poured his anxieties, anger and yearning into his work on stage, where the very vacancies and caverns in his identity would contribute to his empathy and fluidity as a performer. lt would be a decade-long journey to his first film roles. Nor did his admission to the Actors Studio come easily (not a training institution, the Actors Studio is a work space for actors, so first Rourke had to learn how to act). His first acting teacher was Walter Lott, with whom he worked before becoming a student of Sandra Seacat, who would become his most inspiring coach and mentor.

Victoria Krane, die Präsidentin des The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute schrieb diese Info:
„Hello Georg,
In response to your letter of inquiry regarding Walter Lott, the only information we have is that he was a gentle, nice man who was Lee Strasberg’s secretary at Carnegie Hall.  He trained to become a teacher, taught for a while at the Institute, and then was invited to teach in Germany.“


Walter Lott auf Tinos in seinem Bungalow

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